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Emily Caldwell (Fed)


Quantum-limited optical time transfer for future geosynchronous links

Emily Caldwell, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Jennifer Ellis, William C. Swann, Benjamin Stuhl, Hugo Bergeron, Nathan R. Newbury, Laura Sinclair
The combination of optical time transfer and optical clocks opens up the possibility of large-scale free-space networks that connect both ground-based optical

Ultra-low Power Dual Frequency Comb Ranging

Emily Caldwell, Laura Sinclair, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Nathan R. Newbury
Dual comb ranging is a well-established method of laser-based ranging that exploits frequency combs to provide absolute, high-precision measurements. It suffers

Time Programmable Frequency Comb

Emily Caldwell, Laura Sinclair, Nathan R. Newbury, Jean-Daniel Deschenes
We demonstrate a programmable optical frequency comb that emits coherent pulses with user-specified time and phase at sub-10 attosecond accuracy while

Photon Efficient Optical Time Transfer

Emily Caldwell, Laura Sinclair, William C. Swann, Nathan R. Newbury, Benjamin Stuhl, Jean-Daniel Deschenes
We present a novel frequency comb-based system for optical two-way time-frequency transfer to support very long distance free-space links between clocks. Our
Created May 11, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022