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Anna Fox (Fed)


Quantum-Based Microwave Modulated Waveforms

Akim Babenko, Nathan Flowers-Jacobs, Anna Fox, Paul Dresselhaus, Zoya Popovic, Samuel P. Benz
This paper presents a superconducting voltage source that generates microwave modulated waveforms with quantum-based stability. The voltage source - an RF

Demonstration of Superconducting Optoelectronic Single-Photon Synapses

Saeed Khan, Bryce Primavera, Jeff Chiles, Adam McCaughan, Sonia Buckley, Alexander Tait, Adriana Lita, John Biesecker, Anna Fox, David Olaya, Richard Mirin, Sae Woo Nam, Jeff Shainline
Superconducting optoelectronic hardware is being explored as a path towards artificial spiking neural networks with unprecedented scales of complexity and

Cryogenic Decade-Passband Superconducting Integrated Diplexer

Akim Babenko, GREGOR LASSER, Nathan Flowers-Jacobs, Justus Brevik, Anna Fox, ZOYA POPOVIC, Paul Dresselhaus
We demonstrate a decade-passband superconducting diplexer operating from dc to 27 GHz, integrated in a niobium, Josephson-junction(JJ)-compatible process. Both

Measurement Challenges for Scaling Superconductor-based Quantum Computers

Pete Hopkins, Manuel Castellanos Beltran, John Biesecker, Paul Dresselhaus, Anna Fox, Logan Howe, David Olaya, Adam Sirois, Dylan Williams, Samuel P. Benz, Alirio De Jesus Soares Boaventura, Justus Brevik
Global investment in the research and development of quantum information systems by industry, government, and academic institutions continues to accelerate and

Patents (2018-Present)

Josephson Voltage Standard

NIST Inventors
Samuel P. Benz , Paul Dresselhaus , Alain Rufenacht , Nathan Flowers-Jacobs and Anna Fox
A Josephson voltage standard includes: electrical conductors that receive bias currents and radiofrequency biases; a first Josephson junction array that: includes a first Josephson junction and produces a first voltage reference from the first bias current and the third bias current; a second
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022