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Alizabeth Sanchez-Lopez (Assoc)

Dr. Alizabeth M. Sánchez-López is a research and programs consultant, and professor with over 15 years of experience. Completed her Ph.D. in International Entrepreneurship and Management in 2012 at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Possess a bachelor’s in business administration (Marketing & Management) and a Master’s in Public Administration (Administrative Programming) from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.

Her research focus is on entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience. Dr. Sánchez-López has led research to improve the competitiveness and capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Puerto Rico in collaboration with industry associations, economic development agencies and other non-government organizations (NGOs).  Projects include:   Puerto Rico’s 2020 Earthquakes:  Impact & Strategies of SMMs in Communities under Continuing Distress; Business Continuity Practices and Resiliency of Manufacturing SMEs in Puerto Rico:  Assessing Impact and Moving Forward after Hurricane María; Benchmarking IT Security Management Process in Puerto Rico SMEs; Radiografía del Comercio PYMES; Inventario de Programas e Incentivos PYMES, among others.

In 2014, Dr. Alizabeth M. Sánchez-López, Ph.D. was granted by the Puerto Rico Retailing Association the Hermes Award for her Contributions to Education and Economic Development in Puerto. As part of her social responsibility initiatives, Dr. Sánchez-López increases community engagement and empowerment by giving entrepreneurship training to high-school students, teachers, government officials, professional associations, and the public.  Dr.  Sánchez-López has presented her research in the United States, Oceania, Europe, and Latin America, has published book chapters and articles, and has contributed to government research reports.

Select Presentations

Puerto Rico’s 2020 Earthquakes:  Impact & Strategies of SMMs in Communities under Continuing Distress.  Press Panel, Caribbean Business, Puerto Rico (November 2021)

State of the Art of Entrepreneurship Research:  Themes.  Virtual Doctoral Seminar, Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC), Costa Rica (October 2021)

Institucionalización de Programas de Innovación y Emprendimiento Universitario en Tiempos de Coronavirus, Encuentro Virtual, SINAES, Costa Rica (January 2021)

Business Continuity Practices and Resiliency of Manufacturing SMEs in Puerto Rico:  Assessing Impact and Moving Forward after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension, San Juan, Puerto Rico (December 2020)

The Innovation Canvas: An Experiential Tool to Stimulate Customer Discovery.  AMS World Marketing Conference, Academy of Marketing Science, Christchurch, New Zealand (June 2017)

Panel Developing your Assessment Strategy:  Objectives, Metrics and Collection Procedures.  Open Conference 2017, Washington DC, USA (March 2017)

Fostering I&E Mindsets in Resource-constrained IHEs:  How to do more with less.  Open Conference 2017, Washington DC, USA (March 2017)

The Multidimensionality of Academic Entrepreneurship: Understanding the Building Blocks for Sustainable Development. Sustainability, Ethics & Entrepreneurship Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico (February 2017)

Panel Words from the Balcony, Pathways to Innovation Team Leaders Meeting, Stanford University, California, USA (November 2015)

Advancing knowledge in Organizational Research:  Closing the Gap Between Theory and Practice, Congreso de Investigación en Disciplinas de Negocios y Empresarismo, Gurabo, Puerto Rico (November 2015)

Select Publications

Sánchez López, A., & Pedraza, S. (2020). The Resourceful Academic-Entrepreneur: How to Build Entrepreneurial Potential with Limited Budget. Association. Advances of Engineering Education, Spring.

Sanchez-Lopez, A. M., Segarra-Almestica, E., & Pérez-López, J. M. (2018). Entrepreneurial IHEs: A Framework to Stimulate I&E in Vulnerable Economies. In Evolving Entrepreneurial Strategies for Self-Sustainability in Vulnerable American Communities (pp. 126-146). IGI Global.

Sánchez-López, A. M. (2017, June). The Innovation Canvas: An Experiential Tool to Stimulate Customer Discovery: An Abstract. In Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress (pp. 221-221). Springer, Cham.

Sánchez López, A (2013).  A Model of Entrepreneurial Universities: Significance, Theory and Research Implications.  Review of Management Innovation & Creativity - RMIC, 6(18)

López, A. M. S., & Rodriguez-Mont, J. (2013). Exploring Entrepreneurial Activity and Potential in Puerto Rico: Evidence from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Multidisciplinary Business Review6(1), 42-53.

Sánchez, A. (2010). The Formulation of Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Study of Perceptions, Competencies, and Intentions of Higher Education Students in Puerto Rico. Consejo de Educación Superior de Puerto Rico, PR: CEDESP.

Sánchez López, A. (2008).  Improving Access to Credit of SMEs in Puerto Rico: Exploring Variables to Forecast Small Business Loan Events.  International Journal of Business Accounting and Finance, 2 (2): 16 – 33.

Johannisson, B., Centeno Caffarena, L., Discua Cruz, A.F, Epure, M., Hormiga Pérez, E., Kapelco, M., Murdock K., Nanka-Bruce, D., Olejárova, M., Sánchez López, A., Sekki, A., Stoian, M.C., Tötterman, H., & Bisignano A. (2007). Interstanding the Industrial District:  Contrasting conceptual images as a road to insight. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 19 (6): 527 – 554.

Created October 21, 2021, Updated December 9, 2022