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Adam Morey ()


Group Leader Data Services Group

  • Manage daily operations of the Standard Reference Data Program (SRD) ecommerce system distributing SRD through direct sales, distributors and public websites.  Provide effective business models for the distribution, sales, and maintenance of data products, as well as guidance for navigating licensing, IP and legal issues related to data.
  • Provide guidance and expertise to MML staff involved in the development and deployment of new data products or data delivery modes. This includes facilitating and coordinating the use of OISM and other NIST experts and services needed to address data related challenges.
  • Assist in upgrades and support of existing products by introducing, for example, state-of-the-art methods to disseminate existing data products.
  • Address demands for capturing, processing and storing research data throughout its lifecycle by providing guidance and expertise.
  • Enable development of new products and new delivery modes to meet customer demands.
  • Investigate, promote, and administer external collaboration tools capable of supporting large data sets.  Administer the NIST GitHub organization to encourage the practice of open-source, community-developed software that serve the NIST mission and the broader science and engineering research community.
  • Manage Linux systems supporting development and operations for SRD and MML applications.

Professional Background:

  • Prior to joining NIST, consultant to university, trade associations, print media, commercial real estate, airline services and other fortune 100 companies throughout Washington, D.C. in network security, network design, systems integration and IT governance.
  • IT executive for fortune 1000 call-center, print and online marketing business providing telecom operations, desktop support, network operations and IT security.
  • United States Navy veteran, depot-level microcomputer repair - NARDAC Washington D.C., scientific communciations support, Antarctic Support Services, VXE-6 California.


Standard Reference Data Workshop Report

Debra L. Kaiser, Neil Alderoty, Richard R. Cavanagh, Barbara Guttman, Robert J. Hanisch, Adam G. Morey, Jeanita Pritchett, Yuri Ralchenko, Stacy S. Schuur, William E. Wallace
On October 17, 2017, the ODI sponsored a day-long Standard Reference Data Workshop. More than 120 NIST staff members and associates from four NIST laboratories
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022