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Nanotube Spectrometer Array And Making A Nanotube Spectrometer Array

Published Patent Application Numer: 2021/0111349 A1


This invention discloses a design of an array of micron-sized spectrometer units that can measure the spectrum of incoming light in the wavelength range of 200 nm to 2000 nm, with a spatial resolution comparable to the size of a single spectrometer unit. Each spectrometer unit is composed of a set of distinct photodetectors made of single-wall carbon nanotubes of defined atomic structures, placed in parallel with tube-to-tube separations controlled at nanometer precision by DNA origami technology. A high-density array of identical spectrometers can be constructed by placing DNA origami/carbon nanotube complexes in photolithographically-defined locations, resulting in a system we call Nanotube Spectrometer Array (NSA). NSA is expected to greatly enhance the power of spectral imaging in many fields of science and technology.

Created September 19, 2022, Updated December 14, 2023