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Mapping Probe For Real-Time Signal Sampling And Recovery From Engineered Electromagnetic Interference

Published Patent Application Numer: US 20230194589 A1


A mapping probe provides real-time signal sampling and recovery from engineered electromagnetic interference and includes: a trigger voltage source that synchronizes transmission of primary electromagnetic waves; primary electromagnetic wave synthesizers that receive a trigger voltage signal and produce time-varying voltage signals; transmitters that receive time-varying voltage signals and synchronously transmit primary electromagnetic waves, such that the primary electromagnetic waves are subjected to scattering by a structural entity to produce scattered electromagnetic waves; receivers that receive scattered electromagnetic waves and produce receiver signals based on the scattered electromagnetic waves; a conversion stage that receives the receiver signals and the trigger voltage signal and produces converted data; and a render that receives the converted data and produces a map of the structural entity.

Created September 20, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023