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Search Patents by Jeff Shainline

Patents listed here reflect only technologies patented from FY 2018-present. To view all of NIST's patented technologies, visit the NIST pages on the Federal Laboratory Consortium website.

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Fiber-To-Chip Coupler

NIST Inventors
Jeff Shainline and Saeed Khan
A fiber-to-chip coupler includes a substrate, a waveguide on a top surface of the substrate, an optical fiber axially aligned to the waveguide, and a cap. The waveguide has a uniform region with uniform width and a tapered-waveguide region having a width that adiabatically increases from a minimum

Fluxonic Processor And Processing Photonic Synapse Events

NIST Inventors
Jeff Shainline
A fluxonic processor includes processes photonic synapse events and includes a transmitter that receives neuron signal and produces output photons; a neuron that receives a dendrite signal and produces the neuron signal from the dendrite signal; a dendrite that receives a synapse signal, and

Josephson Junction Circuits For Single-Photon Optoelectronic Neurons And Synapses

NIST Inventors
Jeff Shainline , Adam McCaughan and Manuel Castellanos Beltran
Single-photon optoelectronic neurons convert the optical signals of single photons to the electrical domain where summing and thresholding operations are performed. In these circuits, the photonic signals are converted to an electronic signal using a superconducting single-photon detector in

Neuromimetic Circuit

NIST Inventors
Jeff Shainline and Sonia Buckley
Optoelectronic neural networks comprise a system of interconnected processing units (neurons) interconnected by integrated photonic waveguides. The processing units receive photonic signals from other units. Each unit sums the received signals on a waveguide-integrated photon detector, and when the