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Search Patents by Paul A. Williams

Patents listed here reflect only technologies patented from FY 2018-present. To view all of NIST's patented technologies, visit the NIST pages on the Federal Laboratory Consortium website.

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Gravity-Enforced Photon Momentum Radiometer And Measuring Optical Power

NIST Inventors
Anna Vaskuri and Paul A. Williams
A gravity-enforced photon momentum radiometer incudes: a magnetic array; a diamagnetic shuttle that levitates above the magnetic array; a mirror on the diamagnetic shuttle that receives laser light and moves the diamagnetic shuttle due to the optical force; a tiltable platform for the magnetic array
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Non-attenuating Meter for Determining Optical Energy of Laser Light

NIST Inventors
Joshua Hadler , John H. Lehman , Matthew Spidell and Paul A. Williams
A non-attenuating meter determines optical energy of laser light in an absence of optical attenuation of the laser light and includes: a recipient mirror that: receives laser light that propagates in a primary propagation direction; produces profile light; transmits the profile light through the
A disk-shaped device is smaller than the half-dollar coin underneath it.

Smart Mirror

NIST Inventors
Alexandra (Aly) Artusio-Glimpse , John H. Lehman , Michelle Stephens , Nathan A Tomlin and Paul A. Williams
Radiation pressure is a force that results when light reflects from a mirror. By measuring the force on a mirror, the power in a laser beam can be assessed. We have invented a miniaturized mirrored force sensor that combines several key elements to make a sensor that is smaller, faster, more
A metal cube (RPPM) mounted on a metal surface has round holes cut in each side.

Optical Power Meter

NIST Inventors
John H. Lehman and Paul A. Williams
An optical meter includes a force member to receive a force and a reflector disposed on the force member to receive radiation and to communicate a pressure of the radiation to the force member. The reflector includes a reflective surface, and the force member is configured to be displaced in