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Search Patents by D. Richard Kuhn

Patents listed here reflect only technologies patented from FY 2018-present. To view all of NIST's patented technologies, visit the NIST pages on the Federal Laboratory Consortium website.

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A Data Structure for Integrity Protection with Erasure Capability

NIST Inventors
D. Richard Kuhn
Provided is a process including: initializing a data block matrix; making supra-diagonal nodes that include at most one more node than sub-diagonal nodes; making a hash nodes with a hash sequence length that is proportional to a number of nodes in the row or column of nodes in which the hash node is

Oracle-Free Match Testing of a Program Using Covering Arrays and Equivalence Classes

NIST Inventors
D. Richard Kuhn and Raghu N Kacker
A process for testing a program includes: receiving a variable comprising a plurality of input values; producing a plurality of equivalence classes for the input values; producing a representative value per equivalence class; producing, by a processor, a primary covering array comprising a plurality