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Icemaker, Process for Controlling Same and Making Ice

Patent Number: 10,174,981


A system to make ice includes a refrigeration unit and an icemaker disposed in the refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit is configured to be subjected to a refrigeration cycle; the icemaker is configured to be subjected to a freeze cycle; and the system is configured such that the freeze cycle is synchronized with the refrigeration cycle, asynchronized with the refrigeration cycle, or a combination comprising at least one of the foregoing. A process for controlling an icemaker includes providing a freeze cycle to an icemaker; providing a refrigeration cycle to a refrigeration unit; and constraining the freeze cycle and the refrigeration cycle to control the icemaker.

Patent Description

The primary function of a domestic refrigerating appliance is to maintain a low temperature within a cabinet.  The desired set temperature is generally maintained by cycling the appliance's refrigeration system (compressor, fans, etc.) on and off.  Automatic icemakers are commonly installed in low temperature compartments or sub-compartments of domestic refrigerating appliances in the United States.  They are directly connected to a source of water from which they produce ice and store it in a low temperature bin.  Their operation consists of cycling a series of steps and they operate independently from the refrigerating appliance's cycle.  Our invention provides a process for synchronizing these cycles in a way that maximizes the efficiency of these systems when they operate simultaneously.


Picture of the Ice Maker with the words "Ice Maker" displayed above it


The process can be easily implemented by modifying controllers which are existing components of these systems. Properly synchronizing these cycles will result in significant reductions in energy consumption attributed to the icemaker.

Created February 26, 2020, Updated April 10, 2024