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Gradient Elution Isotachophoretic Apparatus For Separating, Purifying, Concentrating, Quantifying, And/or Extracting Charged Analytes And Methods Thereof

Patent Number: US 10067088 B2


Gradient elution isotachophoretic apparatus, and systems for performing gradient elution isotachophoresis to separate, purify, concentrate, quantify, and/or extract charged analytes from a sample. The isotachophoretic apparatus include an electrophoretic assembly, a sampling assembly connected to the electrophoretic assembly, and/or a support structure connected to the electrophoretic assembly and/or to the sampling assembly. The system includes an isotachophoretic apparatus, and a controller communicatively coupled to the isotachophoretic apparatus. The controller includes a storage medium and a processor for executing computer readable and executable instructions.

Created May 21, 2024