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Fast Entangled State Generation and Quantum Information Transfer in a Quantum System with Long-Range Interactions

Patent Number: 10,432,320


We propose a protocol that allows to send quantum information and to prepare entangled states across a system with long-range interactions much faster than in a system with short-range interactions. Examples of long-range-interacting systems are cold polar molecules, highly excited Rydberg atoms, or nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond. There is a huge number of potential applications from speeding up quantum computing to making sensing more precise (e.g. our protocol can be used to quickly prepare entangled states that can be used for sensing, including distributed sensing).

Patent Description

NIST has developed a method to use quantum systems with long-range interactions to do the following two things faster (in some cases exponentially faster) than in systems with short-range interactions: (1) accomplish quantum state transfer across the system; (2) prepare a large variety of entangled states (including multi-particle GHZ states) with applications to metrology and quantum computing. The protocol makes use of individual control of all participating quantum bits and takes advantage of long-range interactions in such a way that many interaction pathways coherently and constructively interfere to provide the speed-up. To accomplish state transfer, the initial state is first encoded into a many-body-entangled state spread across the lattice, and then decoded back onto the desired final-destination qubit. The intermediate entangled state is GHZ-like state, which has a lot of sensor and clock applications.

Collage of images; magnetic imaging of live bacteria and nanoscale thermometry of live human cells.


The state transfer protocol can then be used to speed up a wide range of quantum computer algorithms as well as to speed up the preparation of a wide range of entangled states other than the GHZ state.

Created March 12, 2020, Updated April 12, 2024