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Direct Digital Chirp Synthesizer And Generating A Chirped Optical Frequency Comb

Published Patent Application Numer: 2024/0014903


Disclosed is a direct digital chirp synthesizer for generating a chirped optical frequency comb that includes: a direct digital synthesizer that receives a repetition frequency signal from a delay generator, receives a clock frequency from a frequency converter, produces a radiofrequency chirp waveform based on the repetition frequency signal and the clock frequency, and communicates the radiofrequency chirp waveform; and an electro optic modulator in electrical communication with the direct digital synthesizer and that receives the radiofrequency chirp waveform from the direct digital synthesizer, receives laser light, and produces the chirped optical frequency comb from the laser light based on the radiofrequency chirp waveform.

Created February 15, 2024