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Registered Lobbyist Contact Disclosure, 06/25/09

Registered Lobbyist Contact Disclosure
Date and time of contact: Name of the Employee(s) Contacted (Name and Title) Brief Description of the contact:
Phone call at 6/25/2009 PM, approximately 11:30 AM ET; subsequent emails at 11:34 AM, 11:42 AM, and 11:59 AM Ben Stein, Director of Media Relations, NIST Public and Business Affairs Office

Ms. Pahner called to ask if the $35 M Measurement Science and Engineering Research Grants and $20 M Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowship Program each fell under NIST's $220 million Science and Technical Research and Services ARRA funding, as she was trying to ascertain the remainder of the funding opportunities under ARRA.

I directed her to NIST's Recovery Web site ( website, and pointed her to the May 8 news release, " Congress Approves NIST's Recovery Plan to Create Jobs and Foster Innovation", which itemizes the different Recovery Act programs according to NIST funding category. I mentioned that further details on any of the programs will be made available on the NIST Recovery Web site.

Ms. Pahner emailed me her contact details for disclosure purposes and I asked which clients she represented. In a subsequent email, she responded that her firm has several clients who are interested in the broader Recovery Act initiatives that may have a bearing on the healthcare front, and that she was not calling on behalf of any particular client per se. Rather, she said she wanted to be sure she was in-the-know regarding any new publicly-announced NIST-related initiatives.

Name of the Employee(s) who prepared this form: Date:
Ben Stein, Director of Media Relations, NIST Public and Business Affairs Office 06/25/09
Registered Lobbyist(s) Name: Title: Firm or Organization, if applicable: Client:
Ms. Katie Pahner Senior Health Policy Analyst Health Policy Source, Washington, DC Several (see above)
Created July 14, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010