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Registered Lobbyist Contact Disclosure, 06/04/09

Date and time of contact: Name of the Employee(s) Contacted (Name and Title) Brief Description of the contact:
E-mail: 6/4/09, 4:08 p.m.; 6/9/09, 1:25 p.m.; 6/10/09, 10:00 a.m.; and 6/10/09, 1:52 p.m. Phone call: 6/12/09, 11 a.m. Barbara Lambis, NIST Construction Grant Program Manager

1. Asked if his client a 501(c)3 non-profit marine mammal research and public display institution would be eligible to apply for funding under the NIST Construction Grant Program given the Recovery Act prohibition on funding of a zoo or aquarium. He indicated that it appeared that the Center would not be eligible for funding. Mr. O'Kelly also asked if NIST would be conducting a separate competition for the regular FY 2009 Appropriation funding, as it appears that the prohibition on zoo/aquarium does not exist for the regular funding.

Response: NIST would be conducting a competition at a later date for the FY 2009 Appropriation funding. Also referred him to a DoC attorney (Jeff Roberson) regarding his zoo/aquarium eligibility question and provided Mr. Roberson's e-mail address and telephone number.

2. Asked if NIST has an electronic list-serve to alert potential applicants when a notice comes out similar to the notification list.

Response: To my knowledge NIST does not currently have an electronic listserv like the notification list. Some programs such as the Technology Innovation Program ( and the NIST Construction Grant Program maintain a mailing list and when competitions are announced, all those on the mailing list are notified by e-mail.

3. Asked who should be contacted to have his name/e-mail added.

Response: The TIP Web site has a link for the public to have their names added to the TIP mailing list. For the NIST Construction Grant Program mailing list, interested individuals should send their contact information, including name, name of organization, e-mail address, and phone number.

4. Provided his contact information.

Response: None required.

5. I contacted Mr. O'Kelly to verify that his firm is a registered lobbyist. He said yes.

Action taken: Mr. O'Kelly's contact information has been added to the NIST Construction Grant Program mailing list.

Name of the Employee(s) who prepared this form: Date:
Barbara Lambis, NIST Construction Grant Program Manager 06/12/09
Registered Lobbyist(s) Name: Title: Firm or Organization, if applicable: Client:
Mr. Sebastian O'Kelly Unknown Hoffman Silver Gilman & Blasco, Arlington, VA Alaska SeaLife Center
Created July 14, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010