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Postdoc Bingo

Postdoc Bingo header. Text: Cross off what has happened to you in your postdoc
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST
Published last paper from PhD dissertation Sought out free coffee at seminars Supervisor canceled at last minute Added postdoc to your social media account PhD lab-mate frantically emailed you for help
Received invite to submit to predatory journal Someone mistook you for an undergrad Judged a poster competition Experiment failed Data file corrupted
Experiment succeeded Finally established a work/life balance Explained what a postdoc is to family or friend Used the phrase et. al., in an email Submitted a grant or paper
Wore headphones in empty house/office Referred to housemates as co-workers Remembered how awesome you are Forgot how long ago you got your Ph.D. Wore yoga pants on a conference call
Automated your experiments Finally got your code to work Rewarded yourself for writing a paragraph Stressed out over which health insurance to pick Answered emails all day


Created September 25, 2020