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Advanced Search Tips

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  • Not case sensitive
  • By default, searches for content that contains any of the words entered
  • "" searches exact phrase
  • + requires a word
  • - excludes a word
  • AND operator supported
  • () groups search criteria
  • Word fragments are supported


unmanned aircraft - contains either unmanned or aircraft, content with both increases relevance

"unmanned aircraft"contains exact phrase unmanned aircraft

+unmanned aircraft - must contain unmanned, content that also has aircraft increases relevance

unmanned aircraft -indoor - contains either unmanned or aircraft, excludes content with indoor

unmanne - finds content with unmanned


Note: Including any the following characters in your search words might return unexpected results. If you need to include one of these characters, add a preceding backslash to escape it.
(Example: 1\+1\=2)

+ - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ /


Created August 31, 2022, Updated September 6, 2022