OSAC Application Form

NIST accepts applications for participation in OSAC on a continuous basis.

With the exception of invited guests, all participants in OSAC must complete the application form. The applicant pool will be used for selection of OSAC Members and OSAC Affilates. Members may serve on the board, committees and subcommittees, and may also serve on Task Groups. Affiliates will be selected to serve on Task Groups as needed. OSAC Task Groups may be populated by Members or a combination of Members and Affiliates.

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NIST announced the formation of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) in February 2014. The OSAC components – the Forensic Science Standards Board, resource committees, scientific area committees and subcommittees – are made up of members of the forensic science community, including those in government, academia and industry.

OSAC objective

To create a sustainable organizational infrastructure dedicated to identifying and fostering the development of technically sound, consensus-based documentary standards and guidelines for widespread adoption throughout the forensic science community.

This infrastructure will strengthen the nation's use of forensic science by promoting the adoption of scientifically valid forensic science standards and guidelines and providing insight on each forensic discipline's research and measurement standards gaps.

To view the current organizational chart and access more information on the objectives and anticipated work products of OSAC, please visit our website.

Membership Application

Applicants are encouraged to carefully prepare responses to the six questions at the end of the application prior to inserting them in the appropriate boxes. Please note the character limitations for each question.

Prior to filling out the application, please view descriptions of the Committees and Subcommittees at the OSAC Organizational Structure page.

Professional Associations
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(occupies 50% or more of your time) A practitioner is defined as someone actively doing or managing casework in a forensic laboratory.
Please indicate your primary selection and if you are applying to serve as chair. You may also designate a secondary selection for consideration if you are not selected for the primary.
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