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Quantum Electromagnetics Division Groups

Microfabrication Group

The Microfabrication Group in PML's Quantum Electromagnetics Division is responsible for operation of the state-of-the-art Boulder Microfabrication Facility (BMF). The BMF is a 1700 square meter (18,000 square foot), ISO class 5 (class 100), clean room dedicated to providing state-of-the-art micro-

Nanoscale Spin Dynamics Group

The Nanoscale Spin Dynamics Group develops new measurement techniques to characterize the high frequency properties and performance of nanomagnetic structures and devices.

Quantum Processing Group

The Quantum Processing Group develops new technologies for processing information using superconducting circuits. In addition, advanced fabrication techniques are being developed to enable true scaling of both superconducting quantum computers and ion-trap based systems.

Quantum Sensors Group

The Quantum Sensors Group, part of NIST’s Physical Measurement Laboratory, and the Quantum Electromagnetics Division, advances the detection of photons and particles in a variety of application areas using superconducting sensors and readout electronics.

Spin Electronics Group

The data demands of cloud computing, expanded Internet use, mobile device support, and other applications have prompted the creation of large, centralized computing facilities at hundreds of thousands of sites around the world.