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IT Access Requirements, Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’ve completed these requirements before.  Do I have to take it again?

  • A:  Yes.  The requirements must be completed annually.  For example, if you are a student and completed the requirements in a previous year, you are required to complete them again when returning the following year. 

Q:  I’ve taken the training in years past and already have a profile setup in the NIST Commerce Learning Center (CLC), but I can't seem to login.  What should I do? 

  • A:  Create a new and different (e.g., using a slightly different userid) profile.  

Q: After successfully logging into the CLC, which option should I select (Federal or non-Federal)?

  • A:  Incoming federal employees should select “Federal” while other incoming staff should select “non-federal" (non-Federal would include student appointments).  

Q:  Which training courses should I complete?

  • A:  Items having "required" next to the title must be completed.  All others may be optionally taken prior to arrival.  

Q:  What do I do if a course does not work properly?

  • A:  Try logging in and accessing the course using another browser. 

Q:  Who may I contact for assistance?

  • A:  If you encounter issues, either contact your NIST sponsor, or wait until your arrival to NIST and complete the requirements once here.  Kiosks are available for your use. 

Q: Do I need to print a copy of my completion certificates?

  • A: No.  You may login to the Commerce Learning Center Onboarding site and present the completion certificate from your device.  If the course was completed, NIST has access to this information in the system. 

Q: How long am I able to access my training in the Commerce Learning Center Onboarding site?

  • A: Training completions are routinely reconciled with a user's primary Commerce Learning Center record, and then the Onboarding record deactivated.  If we are unable to locate a primary CLC record, the Onboarding record is only retained for 90 days. 
Created May 3, 2019, Updated July 1, 2019