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Current and Pending Support

The Current and Pending Support Form assists in identifying potential scientific, budgetary or commitment overlap in financial assistance awards. The form is to be completed for NIST proposals submitted under a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) requiring the submission the collection of this information. The form should report all current and potential funding and level of effort commitment for the principal investigator (PI), co-PI and key personnel.

Current and Pending Support Form Instructions & Guidance


To be used for NIST proposals submitted under a NIST Notice of Funding Opportunity requiring the
Current and Pending Support Form, OMB 0648-0384, exp 01/31/2025


What Needs to be Reported:

All research projects or activities requiring a portion of time of the investigator/researcher and key personnel must be included. This includes projects with no salary support. Projects may be funded by Federal, state, local or foreign government agencies, public or private foundations, commercial organizations, etc. Do no include expired awards or rejected proposals.


Proposal List Order:

  1. The first entry should be the current proposal that is being submitted to NIST; this should be labeled as “Pending;”
  2. Next, list all pending proposals, including those anticipated to be submitted, in reverse chronological order (earliest anticipated award date first);
  3. Then list all active grants, with the most recently awarded first.


What to Include in the Form Fields:

Investigator: Identify the investigator/researcher/key personnel for which the form applies;

Other Agencies to which the proposal has been/will be submitted: List each other Federal agency that the proposal under consideration has been or will be submitted. This should be included as a pending proposal(s) on this form.

Support: Indicate if the project/proposal is pending, current, or planned for submission and if the project is a transfer of support.

Project/Proposal: Full title of the project

Source of Support: The sponsoring/awarding agency or entity

Total Award Amount: Provide the total amount, including direct and indirect costs, for the entire period of the award, that will come to the receiving institution/entity.

Total Award Period Covered: The beginning and end dates, actual or anticipated, for the project.

Location of Project: The physical location (city, state) where the majority of the work will be performed.

Person-Months Per Year Committed: Indicate calendar, academic, and/or summer months associated with the project.

  • If effort does not change throughout the year, it is OK to use only calendar months. However, respondents may use both academic and summer months if the institutional business process requires noting each separately.
  • If effort varies between academic and summer months, use only academic and summer months; do not use calendar months. In cases where an individual’s appointment is divided into academic and summer segments, indicate the proportion of each devoted to the project.
  • For an active project, provide the level of actual effort in person months (even if unsalaried) for the current budget period. Person months should be classified as academic, calendar, and/or summer.
  • For a pending project, indicate the level of effort in person months as proposed for the initial budget period. Use either calendar months OR a combination of academic and summer months.
Created March 29, 2019, Updated July 27, 2022