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2023 Gold Medal Award


The team is recognized for extraordinary leadership in establishing the infrastructure for the U.S. to increase stakeholder participation in forensic science standards development. They have created an inclusive, collaborative environment that has led to the development of U.S. consensus standards that promote the scientific underpinnings and improve the quality of forensic science practices. Their exceptional leadership harmonized significant differences in U.S. stakeholder viewpoints, promoted cooperation across groups, and rendered the complex standardization world accessible to the forensic community.


John Jones II

Physical Scientist/OSAC Program Manager
Laboratory Programs, Special Programs Office

Karen Reczek

Social Scientist
Laboratory Programs, Standards Coordination Office

Allison Getz

Physical Scientist
Laboratory Programs, Special Programs Office

Donna Sirk

Management & Program Analyst
Laboratory Programs, Special Programs Office

Barbara Guttman

Supervisory IT Specialist
Information Technology Laboratory, Software and Systems Division

Marcela Najarro

Research Chemist, Deputy Division Chief
Material Measurement Laboratory, Materials Measurement Science Division

Alan Zheng

Mechanical Engineer
Laboratory Programs, Physical Measurement Laboratory

Will Guthrie

Supervisory Mathematical Statistician, Division Chief
Information Technology Laboratory, Statistical Engineering Division

John Butler

NIST Fellow
Laboratory Programs, Special Programs Office