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2023 Edward Bennett Rosa Award

Headshot of Yoon and Khromchenko Bronze award winner

Vladimir Khromchenko and Howard Yoon


Drs. Yoon and Khromchenko are recognized for the invention, development, and delivery of novel infrared-radiometer transfer standards and radiation thermometers, which enabled the Air Force and Army to perform calibrations of infrared target simulators and thermal radiation sources faster and with lower uncertainties. These transfer standards have enabled calibrations to be performed in a few hours instead of a few days. The NIST-developed radiometer transfer standards are now in use at Hill Air Force Base and Ramstein Air Base and have allowed the Air Force to develop updated field-level target simulators. These radiation thermometers have been delivered to the Air Force and Army Primary Standards Labs and are in use as working standards.


Howard Yoon

Supervisory Physicist
Physical Measurement Laboratory, Sensor Science Division

Vladimir Khromchenko

Physical Measurement Laboratory, Sensor Science Division