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2022 Silver Medal Award

2022 Silver Medal Awardees


The group is recognized for its exceptional leadership and outstanding technical innovation to strengthen the resilience of the nation’s Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) infrastructure and services. Through intense collaboration with users, service providers, and manufacturers, the group developed PNT cybersecurity guidance to help organizations make risk-informed cybersecurity decisions on their use of PNT services. The team also developed a service to deliver precision timing signals over optical fiber – an innovative new capability in the United States.


Michael Bartock

IT Specialist
Information Technology Laboratory, Computer Security Division

Jonathan Hardis

Physical Measurement Laboratory Office

Ya-Shian Li-Baboud

Computer Scientist
Information Technology Laboratory

James McCarthy

IT Specialist
Information Technology Laboratory, Applied Cybersecurity Division

Suzanne Lightman

IT Specialist (Security)
Information Technology Laboratory

Karen Reczek

Social Scientist
Laboratory Programs, Standards Coordination Office

Jeffrey Sherman

Physical Measurement Laboratory

Roger Brown

Physical Measurement Laboratory, Time and Frequency Division

Michael Lombardi

Supervisory Information Technology Specialist
Laboratory Programs, Physical Measurement Laboratory, Time and Frequency Division

Judah Levine

NIST Fellow
Physical Measurement Laboratory