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2022 Director's Award for Excellence in Administration

Greg Strouse, Claire Saundry and Timothy Wood Director's Award for Excellence in Administration


The group is recognized for the development of a research security program utilizing an integrated risk-based approach to “strengthen protections of United States government-supported R&D against foreign government interference and exploitation” while “maintaining an open environment to foster research discoveries and innovation.” The team utilized a risk management framework approach to establish policies, processes, and tools for reviews of 1,000+ Foreign National Associate requests from 85+ countries, approximately 350 sales, and 200 travel plans, in addition to training and updates to staff. Multiple organizations have requested further information about the NIST program, including interest in implementing this approach by USDA, NOAA, and the EPA.


Gregory Strouse

Senior Advisor to the Associate Director
Laboratory Programs, Associate Director for Laboratory Programs

Claire Saundry

Director, International and Academic Affairs Office
Director's Office, International and Academic Affairs Office

Timothy Wood

Export Control Officer
Laboratory Programs, Research Protections Office