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2021 Diversity, Inclusivity and Equal Employment Opportunity Award


The NIST Academic “Dream Team” is recognized for outstanding achievements in promoting opportunities to foster a diverse NIST community and contributing to an inclusive environment at NIST.  Dr. Pritchett, Dr. Toliver, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Denis bring passionate enthusiasm and dedication to attracting a diverse applicant pool to the many NIST science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) academic programs.   Through the efforts of this group, NIST has expanded its outreach to minority-serving educational institutions and potential applicants from underrepresented communities, thus generating a more diverse applicant pool for NIST academic programs.    


Jeanita Pritchett

Physical Scientist
Director's Office

Brandi Toliver

Physical Scientist
Director's Office

Kara Robinson

Program Manager
Director's Office

Chantale Denis

Administrative Specialist
Director's Office