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2021 Bronze Medal Award


The group, composed of ESO, OSY, and BOO staff, is recognized for successfully implementing electronic scanning of NIST PIV and site badges at all NIST Gaithersburg-campus entrance gates. The project team not only provided a wireless scanning solution that met NIST needs but also developed and implemented a plan that incorporated traffic control, staffing, and communications. Furthermore, the electronic badging initiative strengthens safety and security on the Gaithersburg campus to protect NIST’s world-class science mission. It is also in alignment with the Interagency Security Committee’s risk management process to safeguard federal facilities.


Heather Snow

Supervisory IT Project Manager
Management Resources

Sue Ha

IT Project Manager
Management Resources

Tina Rieger

IT Project Manager
Management Resources

Douglas Ritchey

Supervisory IT Specialist (Sys Admin)
Management Resources

Kevin Conrad

IT Specialist (System Analysis)
Management Resources

Jose Sanchez, Jr.

Supervisory Security Specialist

Gregory Strouse

Senior Advisor to the Associate Director
Laboratory Programs, Associate Director for Laboratory Programs