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2021 Arthur S. Flemming Award


Dr. Schiel is recognized for outstanding federal service for development of a protein therapeutic measurements and standards program that works closely with the biopharmaceutical industry, regulators, and instrumentation companies. Specifically, he led a team of NIST scientists in developing the world's first monoclonal antibody reference material, NISTmAb, a global benchmark that assures the performance of biopharmaceutical drug product release tests and new analytical tools, and supports the development of manufacturing technologies. NISTmAb ensures the consistent manufacture of high-quality protein drugs that are used to treat serious medical conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases. Working with the biopharmaceutical community, Dr. Schiel has used NISTmAb to establish industry best practices and harmonized methods for characterizing and testing mAb products, which helps to eliminate duplication of industry efforts, reduce regulatory uncertainty, speed the development of mAb products and reduce their time-to-market. In just over 10 years, Dr. Schiel’s scientific innovations, technology transfer, and service to industry stakeholders have made him an internationally recognized authority in the measurement of complex protein therapeutics.


John Schiel

Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory