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2019 Judson C. French Award

Eardley, Minniti

Eardley, Minniti


Eardley and Minniti, from the NIST Radiation Physics Division, are recognized for going far beyond their assigned duties to design and build a new therapy-level gamma-radiation dosimetry calibration facility that improves NIST's ability to deliver state-of-the-art measurement capabilities for air kerma and absorbed-dose-to-water calibrations to a wide stakeholder base. These calibrations serve to establish and maintain NIST traceability of dose measurements in radiation therapy clinics, improving the efficacy and safety of cancer treatments in the US for more than 20 million patient-visits every year. The innovations the team introduced in construction and safety have been adopted by industry and incorporated into commercial products.


David Eardley

Electronics Technician
Physical Measurement Laboratory

Ronaldo Minniti

Physical Measurement Laboratory