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2019 Gold Medal Award

Yang, Stein, Neta, Liang

Yang, Stein, Neta, Liang


The group is recognized for the development and application of unique measurement methods and novel computational algorithms that led to the extraordinary and efficient expansion of the NIST Tandem Mass Spectral (MS) Library. This library, the highest-quality and most comprehensive MS data resource of its kind in the world, is relied upon for molecular species identification in complex mixtures. The molecules in the library such as metabolites, drugs, pesticides and a wide range of industrial compounds, are of prime importance for studies in human health, food, environment and forensics.


Yuxue Liang

Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory

Pedatsur Neta

Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory

Stephen Stein

NIST Fellow
Material Measurement Laboratory

Xiaoyu Yang

Material Measurement Laboratory