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2016 Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Award

Lee, Huang, Cheok, Hong, Lee, Li

Lee, Huang, Cheok, Hong, Lee, Li


The group is recognized for the meticulous preparation and planning of a well-rounded, engaging, participative and educational program that covers many aspects of the diverse cultural backgrounds of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. For three years, this group has worked tirelessly in the coordination of event speakers, sponsors, and foreign embassies, obtaining internal NIST contributions and assistance towards this educational program for NIST Gaithersburg. Each year, over 114 hours of planning goes into implementing an exceptional program to foster cultural diversity and awareness at NIST. The group has brought the Association of NIST Asian Pacific Americans (ANAPA) back from hiatus, showcasing and incorporating a program involving all five senses and more -- hearing, vision, smell, taste, touch, and even thought.


Geraldine Cheok

Research Structural Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Hannah Lee

Office of Financial Resource Management

Katherine Lee

Financial Policy & Reporting Manager
Office of Financial Resource Management

Hui-min Huang

Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Jun Li

Office of Financial Resource Management

Katherine Hong

IT Specialist
Office of Information Systems Management