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2015 NIST Awards Ceremony


Gold Medal Award

The Gold Medal Award is the highest award given by the Department of Commerce for extraordinary, notable or prestigious contributions that impact the mission of the Department of Commerce and/or one operating unit, and which reflect favorably on the Department.

Group Award

For extraordinary scientific achievement in creating and operating the NIST-F2 atomic clock, the world’s most accurate official time and frequency standard.
  • Steven Jefferts
  • Thomas Heavner

Bronze Medal Award

The Bronze Medal Award is the highest recognition awarded by NIST. The award, approved by the Director, recognizes work that has resulted in more effective and efficient management systems as well as the demonstration of unusual initiative or creative ability in the development and improvement of methods and procedures. It is also given for significant contributions affecting major programs, scientific accomplishments, and superior performance of assigned tasks for at least five consecutive years.

Group Award

For the mechanical design, installation, and alignment of a complex neutron analyzer and detection system on the NCNR Multi-Axis Crystal Spectrometer.
  • James Moyer
  • Douglas Ogg
  • Michael Rinehart