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NICE Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program Finder

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Apprenti of Greater MKE

MKE Tech Coalition
P.O. Box
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
Registered: Yes – Federal and State
Virtual*: Yes

Additional information:

The MKE Tech Coalition is a member of the Tech Councils of North America (TECNA). We are working together to grow a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem where tech and innovation create enduring regional prosperity and life changing jobs.

The Coalition initiated our Registered Apprenticeship program in partnership with Apprenti for software and cyber analyst roles. Our first Cyber Analyst cohort has been funded in part through a grant by the WI Department of Workforce Development's Fast Forward program. It is set to launch during the Cyber Apprenticeship Sprint announced by the Biden administration. Our member employers act as the employer sponsor, Related Technical Instruction is provided by MAX technical training, and intermediary support will be provided by Apprenti.

Employers with an interest in sponsoring an apprentice should contact Laura Schmidt, Chief Talent Development Officer, MKE Tech Coalition for a preliminary discussion.

Candidates with an interest in being considered for a position should set up a profile on, select “Cyber Analyst” as your preferred program, and “Apprenti of Greater MKE” as your preferred location. You will then need to take a competency assessment. No prior tech experience is required! There are preparation resources available on the Apprenti site. Those who pass with an 80 or above will be considered for interviews with the Apprenti team before being presented to employer sponsors in our market. If you have any additional questions about the selection process, please contact Emma Maclean, Apprenticeship Program Manager, Apprenti. Good Luck!

#bettertogether #mketech

* The employment model allows for remote work to satisfy the on the job training requirements.