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Mlao Rahlan

ISG Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (ICAP)
8480 Honeycutt Rd, Ste. 200
Raleigh , North Carolina 27615
Registered: Yes – Federal and State
Virtual*: No

Additional information:

ISG Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (ICAP) is focused on veteran and veteran spouses but welcomes all demographics . Our program combines education, training, certification and real-world experience to develop a highly-skilled cybersecurity workforce. ISG has a proven method that is efficient, dependable, repeatable, and scalable.

To meet the growing need for an experienced and highly skilled cybersecurity workforce, ISG launched our Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (ICAP) in 2013. This 3-phase program provides talented individuals with validated technical skills access to subject matter experts, training in virtual environments, and hands-on experience dealing with real-world cybersecurity issues. This enables us to bring participants up to speed quickly and efficiently and offers our clients a new generation of cyber talent uniquely suited to meet their specific needs.

* The employment model allows for remote work to satisfy the on the job training requirements.