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NICE Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program Finder

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Specialized Training Engagement Program (STEP)

CivilianCyber, LLC
12 South Sheppard Street
Richmond, Virginia 23221
Registered: Yes – Federal and State
Virtual*: Yes

Additional information:

This program combines a paid one-year apprenticeship program with a Virginia-based employer with in-depth competency-based, online cybersecurity training. This structured, self-paced training program has been developed to align with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and covers areas such as Foundations of Cybersecurity, Data and Access Controls, and Cyber Defense. The program has been developed in partnership with the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative as well as several leading colleges and universities, and the Virginia Department of Labor & Industry recognized CivilianCyber as the only approved full Registered Apprenticeship program for cybersecurity. After completing the program, you will be fully certified by the Department of Labor as a cybersecurity professional as well as being awarded an accredited higher education certificate/degree in cybersecurity.

* The employment model allows for remote work to satisfy the on the job training requirements.