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NICE Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program Finder

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Cyber Security Registered Apprenticeship Program

Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC.
114 Ballard Street
Yorktown, Virginia 23690-0520
Registered: Yes – State
Virtual*: Yes

Additional information:

Please note: The cybersecurity apprenticeships for Peregrine are restricted to those who are Tlinget-Haida shareholders of Goldbelt Inc. That being said, we are always looking for talent and we ask you to apply at our online Career Center - Goldbelt, Inc. ( You can also send your resume directly to Dr Leigh Armistead, President of Peregrine at

Peregrine has an approved O*Net code for a cyber apprenticeship with the DOL:
• Information Security Analyst
o (Information Assurance Specialist))
o O*NET-SOC CODE: 15-1122.00
• Four different specialization options:
o Incident Response Analyst Cyber Security
o Cyber Security Analyst
o Computer Forensics Analyst
o Cyber UAV Analyst
• Two different levels (RAP) plus YRA:
o Level I - 120 classroom hours, 2000 OJT
o Level II - 240 classroom hours, 4000 OJT

* The employment model allows for remote work to satisfy the on the job training requirements.