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Martin Organizes International Hydrogen Conference

May Martin of the NIST Material Measurement Laboratory Applied Chemicals and Materials Division, along with Professor Jimmy Burns of the University of Virginia are organizing the International Hydrogen Conference to take place on September 17- 21, 2023 in Park City, Utah. The conference originally began in 1973 and is one of the oldest continuous conferences on hydrogen embrittlement of metals. It is considered the premier topical meeting on hydrogen effects in materials, based on past attendance and extensive citations of conference proceedings in the technical literature. This subject has seen a surge of new interest in the last decade due to interest in carbon-neutral technologies, with the last conference in 2016 being attended by nearly 200 scientists from around the world. Regular attendees come from Japan, France, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Canada, as well as the United States, and scientists from institutions in at least 15 countries have submitted abstracts this year. Interested parties are encouraged to register to attend through the conference website.

Released August 22, 2023