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6G “Mailbox Theory” by NIST, University Researchers Receives Best Paper Award

6G “Mailbox Theory” by NIST, University Researchers Receives Best Paper Award

In late April 2023, Big Data and Cognitive Computing Journal awarded the 2021 Best Paper to 6G Cognitive Information Theory: A Mailbox Perspective, which was authored by NIST’s Hamid Gharavi and University researchers. The paper proposes the “mailbox theory” to handle the 6G network’s increased data rates, which are expected be one Terabyte per second or more and over 100 times more than those of a 5G network. The paper has received 19 citations to date.

The mailbox theory envisions a 6G network that would customize services, transmit valued data, and interact with users. This network also would have intelligent applications, making it capable of transmission, storage, analysis of large data, and providing personalized access. Additionally, the network would allow users to define and schedule functions and adjust in real-time to changes in user demands. And the network would significantly reduce redundant transmissions and better ensure semantic meanings are mined, extracted, and sent.

Released May 1, 2023, Updated May 26, 2023