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NCNR Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement Program


The NIST Center for Neutron Research is seeking competitive applications from eligible applicants for activities that will advance the research of NCNR users and NIST scientists by: (i) operating neutron instrumentation at the NCNR; (ii) developing new neutron instrumentation and measurement capabilities at the NCNR; (iii) conducting collaborative research with NIST scientists and visiting researchers at the NCNR; (iv) broadly disseminating the results from neutron research and the development of new neutron measurement technologies to the scientific community; (v) research on neutron delivery systems, such as cold sources, beams and guides, nuclear reactor core analysis, optimization, and methodologies to support novel neutron source concepts; and (vi) undertaking education and outreach activities that promote the use of neutrons by academic and industrial scientists and that contribute to the development of the next generation of neutron scientists.


For more information on this opportunity visit:

Released March 15, 2023