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2023 NICE Conference and Expo: Call For Proposals is Now Open!

2023 CFP NICE Conference Banner
Credit: FIU


Call for proposals now open! 

The NICE Conference & Expo Planning Committee is now accepting speaker proposals for the annual NICE Conference taking place in Seattle, WA on June 5-7, 2023. This year’s theme, “Resetting Expectations: Creating Accessible Cybersecurity Career Pathways,” inspires presentations that reimagine what it takes to be a cybersecurity professional. By resetting expectations, cybersecurity will be an accessible career path through various, nontraditional avenues, regardless of academic, demographic, socio-economic, geographic, or professional background. View our conference topics below.

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Conference Topics

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Credit: FIU

Building Thruways: Linking Education and Employment
This topic addresses ideas such as work preparation in college courses, internships and externships, competitions, ranges and other extra-curricula opportunities, evidencing competency, curriculum development, and alignment of learning objectives to workplace needs.

Currency Conversion (or exchange): Evaluating Credentials and Assessing Existing Talent
This topic addresses ideas such as up-skilling and re-skilling within existing workforces, hiring practices, training and development of existing workforce, credentials, and recognizing the value of non-traditional career routes. 

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Maintaining Equilibrium: Work-Life Balance, Mental Health, and the Workplace
This topic addresses ideas such as expectations on professionals and professionalism, work-life balance, burnout, mental health, technostress and workplace culture.

Knocking Down Barriers: Identifying and Assessing Accessibility Challenges and Proposing Solutions
This topic addresses ideas such as neurodiversity and other disabilities, race, gender, and socio-economic diversity, with a specific focus on under-served and under-represented communities. 

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Credit: FIU

Improving the Infrastructure
This topic addresses ideas such as the physical space, teacher and faculty shortage, pathways for exchanging educational leadership and talent, collaboration between industry, academia, and the government, and lessons from cybersecurity leaders. 

Call  for proposals closes on January 22, 2023

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Join the official NICE Conference LinkedIn Group

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All past and future conference attendees are invited to join the official NICE Conference LinkedIn group! This group will encourage discussion, share resources, and highlight trends in the cybersecurity workforce space. It will also be a place to ask questions and receive updates regarding the upcoming NICE Conference & Expo.

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This event is supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S. Department of Commerce, under financial assistance award #70NANB18H025.

Released October 3, 2022, Updated October 26, 2022