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Facility restart update

Message from NCNR Director Rob Dimeo

Based on my assessment of (1) the relative merits of each scenario (install D2 cold source and upgrade guides ASAP vs. wait for NRC permission to restart the reactor), (2) the likelihood in obtaining authorization from our regulator to restart the reactor by early 2023, and (3) our readiness to install the cold source, I am directing all facility personnel to continue to plan for restarting the reactor as soon as we obtain authorization from the NRC. We will delay installation of the cold source and guide upgrades until the reactor has operated for 4-5 cycles.  Resources will be diverted towards accelerating installation of the new Neutron Spin Echo, with a goal of hot commissioning during those 4-5 cycles.
Please note that this plan may change if circumstances change significantly. 

Released September 6, 2022