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NIST Supports Measurements of Vitamins in Dietary Supplement Tablets

SRM 3289 Multivitamin Tablets

SRM 3289 Multivitamin Tablets

NIST Standard Reference Material® 3289 Multivitamin Tablets will be used by testing laboratories to support the development of new analytical methods that measure vitamins in products, for the development of in-house controls, and to validate the measurements that inform product labelling. In addition, clinical labs might use SRM 3289 as a control to check the accuracy of their measurements of vitamins in animals or humans.

This SRM was developed in response to requests from the food industry and federal regulators for food-matrix reference materials to support nutrition labelling in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements.

SRM 3289 is a partial replacement for SRM 3280, Multivitamin/Multielement Tablets, which has reached the end of its shelf life. While SRM 3280 provided NIST’s values for both vitamins and elements, SRM 3289 provides certified values for vitamins alone. The companion NIST SRM 3294 Multielement Tablets contains certified values for elements.

A unit of SRM 3289 contains five bottles each containing 30 tablets. NIST provides certified values for the suite of seven water-soluble B vitamins and non-certified values for nine additional fat-soluble vitamins. A “certified value” is one for which NIST has the highest confidence in its accuracy in that all known or suspected sources of bias and variability have been taken into account.

Learn more:

Hayes, H.V.; Mulloor, J.; Nelson, M.A.; Rimmer, C.A.; Regalado, L.; Yen J.H.; Yu, L.L.; Certification of Standard Reference Material® 3289 Multivitamin Tablets; NIST Special Publication 260-220 (2021); U.S. Government Printing Office: Washington, DC (2021); available at

Released April 14, 2022, Updated September 14, 2022