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Paul Lucy Appointed as Center Director for Impact Dakota

Paul Lucy Impact Dakota Center Director

Paul Lucy, a North Dakota native originally from the Powers Lake, ND area where he grew up on his family’s farm, has been appointed as the Center Director for Impact Dakota. Impact Dakota is the official representative of the MEP National NetworkTM in North Dakota.

With 30 years of economic development experience, Paul Lucy brings expertise primarily focused on business and community economic development with broad ranging services offered in the areas of community planning, economic development, strategic planning, business finance, business development, workforce development and other services to Impact Dakota. 

Lucy served as the Director of the Economic Development & Finance (ED&F) Division of the North Dakota Department of Commerce, from October 2006 to January 2017. The ED&F Division delivered North Dakota programs and project support to communities and stakeholders across North Dakota to attract, expand and start-up businesses. Lucy worked in the oil industry during a seven-year period from 1978 to 1985.

Impact Dakota’s team of experts help solve the needs of industry and business through innovative, sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

Released April 23, 2021