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Propelling Cyber Technologies Forward

By Marshall Child

A traditional lock, surrounded by a circle of text "cyber security" repeated over and over again, with a black/teal background
Credit: Pixabay

The Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) hosted a webinar at this year’s CyberWeek festival revolving around getting the best cybersecurity technologies to the forefront of the market as quickly as possible. This event virtually brought together the cybersecurity community to exchange information, share best practices and discuss how to protect against and overcome cyberthreats facing the nation. One of TPO’s presentations covered the topic of accelerating innovative technologies to the commercial market.

TPO kicked off this webinar with an overview of the Department of Homeland Security’s Commercialization Accelerator Program (CAP), which is very similar to NIST’s Technology Maturation Accelerator Program in that CAP aims to propel the most commercially promising inventions out of the labs and into the private sector at an accelerated rate within a condensed timeline. If there is a societal need and there is a technology that addresses that need, CAP is the perfect program for said technology. In addition to this discussion, TPO followed it up with a showcase of federal cybersecurity technologies available for licensing and/or co-development. The technologies fell into categories ranging from protecting the internet of things to enhanced computer system security through a rotation of multiple operating systems. The following technologies were discussed:

  • Keylime. This technology is an integrated trusted platform module-based key bootstrapping and integrity measurement software architecture built for the cloud, which will further increase the privacy and security for the user. (MIT Lincoln Lab)
  • Resilient Mission Computer. This technology is a secure computing platform designed to protect against cyberattacks by using safe programming language, hardware-enforced security, and fine-grained compartmentalization (MIT Lincoln Lab)
  • SDN Multiple Operating System Rotation Environment (SMORE) for Moving Target Defense. This technology provides enhanced computer system security through a rotation of multiple operating systems, which establishes an ever-changing attack surface when it comes to protecting against remote cyberattacks. (Argonne National Lab)

By presenting this webinar, TPO was able to help bridge various communities within the overall sector of cybersecurity by providing a stage to discuss pertinent issues that need to be addressed as the world continues to shift towards a digital environment. Those who attended were able to see many subject matter experts discuss the cutting-edge ways to progress the world of cybersecurity forward. Overall, this event provided a landscape for many to gain more insight into the industry they inhabit, and through partnerships and collaborations, cybersecurity technologies will continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Released December 8, 2020