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Building Secure Microservices-based Applications Using Service-Mesh Architecture: NIST Special Publication 800-204A Now Available

NIST announces the publication of SP 800-204A, "Building Secure Microservices-based Applications Using Service-Mesh Architecture."

As microservices-based applications are increasingly deployed within large enterprises and cloud-based environments, dedicated and scalable infrastructure is needed to support a comprehensive set of security services. This infrastructure is called the Service Mesh, which can support authentication, authorization, secure service discovery, secure communication, security monitoring, as well as other security services.

NIST announces the publication of SP 800-204A, Building Secure Microservices-based Applications Using Service-Mesh Architecture. Its purpose is to provide deployment recommendations (including configuration parameters) for Service Mesh components that span several runtime aspects of microservices-based applications to meet the security requirements of this class of applications for various scenarios. The deployment of Service Mesh components to enable these services involves multiple configurations.

Released May 27, 2020