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NIST Releases Second Draft of NISTIR 8259, "Recommendations for IoT Device Manufacturers"

NIST has released the second public draft of NISTIR 8259, "Recommendations for IoT Device Manufacturers: Foundational Activities and Core Device Cybersecurity Capability Baseline." The public comment period ends February 7, 2020.

An incredible variety and volume of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being produced. Manufacturers can help their customers by improving how securable the IoT devices they make are, meaning the devices provide functionality that their customers need to secure them within their systems and environments. Manufacturers can also help their customers by providing them with the cybersecurity-related information they need.

Draft (2nd) NISTIR 8259, Recommendations for IoT Device Manufacturers: Foundational Activities and Core Device Cybersecurity Capability Baseline, describes activities related to cybersecurity that manufacturers should consider performing before their IoT devices are sold to customers. It builds upon NISTIR 8228, Considerations for Managing Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks. This second public draft of NISTIR 8259 contains the same main concepts as the initial public draft, but their presentation has been revised to clarify the concepts and address other comments from the public. NIST encourages reviewers of the initial public draft to read this full draft.  

A public comment period for this draft document is open through February 7, 2020. See the publication details for a copy of the document and instructions for submitting comments.

NOTE: A call for patent claims is included on page iv of this draft. For additional information, see the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Patent Policy--Inclusion of Patents in ITL Publications.

Released January 7, 2020