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Spotlight: NCNR Microwave Instrument Installation

Deep inside the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR), scientists assembled a new instrument to explore materials that could be important for quantum information, a revolutionary field that harnesses the strange rules of the very small to perform complex calculations and potentially shape our future.

Scientists at the NCNR beam neutrons at an object to see it inside and out in a whole new way. This newly installed device uses microwaves to stimulate a sample's magnetism, so that the NCNR's neutron beams can more effectively reveal a material's quantum properties.

Pulling this off took time and effort from many people at multiple institutions, but you can watch the whole installation process, sped up from a day’s work to just a few seconds!

NCNR Microwave Instrument Installation
NCNR Microwave Instrument Installation
Credit: R. Wilson and C. Boutin/NIST

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Released December 18, 2019, Updated December 23, 2020