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Venture Capitalists Share Their Insights With NIST

Propelling Ideas from Lab to Market

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland – The Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) hosted a NIST-wide discussion with experienced venture capitalists about how to pitch investors in getting research and projects into industry on October 17, 2019 with Gaithersburg and Boulder campus both participating. From the abstract concept to the concrete business model, these experts expounded on how to navigate a new technology to the commercial market in a successful way.

The panel of venture capitalists consisted of J.P. Morgan’s Executive Director of Life Sciences banking team Chris Barrow; Sands Capital Management’s Senior Advisor Gene Riechers; Inova Personalized Health Accelerator’s Director Rick Gordon; and NIST TPO’s White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and venture capitalist Sarayu Srinivasan.

This event gave NIST personnel the opportunity to ask about the process of transferring technologies they create from the laboratory to the storefront and getting their products market-ready for the consumer. The panelists also spent time offering insights into raising capital, entrepreneurship, along with making sure innovations are commercially marketable.

“The strength of our economy is built on private investment to bring products and services into the marketplace,” said Director of TPO Paul Zielinski. “Government investments in basic research can lead to breakthroughs and new ideas, but ultimately we rely on the private sector for commercialization.”

marshall.child [at] (Marshall Child)

Information Specialist

Technology Partnerships Office
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Released October 30, 2019