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Updates to the Cyber Defense Knowledge Unit Mapping Guide

The National CyberWatch Center has recently updated their Guide for Mapping Courses to Knowledge Units. The guide, now in version 2, provides detailed instructions to two-year and four-year institutions for collecting and organizing program artifacts for the Knowledge Unit mapping criteria when applying to become an NSA/DHS National Cybersecurity Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD).

Knowledge Units, or KUs, are mandatory topics and associated objectives that must be included in an institution’s degree or certificate program. The application process requires that the applicant provide evidence that they address each topic and objective of the required KUs. This evidence is provided through a mapping.

There are 69 KUs, organized into three categories: Core, Mandatory, and Optional. Institutions must map program paths as follows:

  • Two-year institutions: Must map 11 Core KUs
  • Four-year institutions: Must map 11 Core, 6 Mandatory, and 5 Optional KUs
  • Summary of minimums: Two-year = 11 KUs; Four-year = 22 KUs

Read the full guide here.

Released March 6, 2018