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Laboratory Management Web Application Goes Nationwide

Making reservations, accessing tools, and maintaining equipment at the CNST’s NanoFab got a lot easier five years ago when the CNST developed a customized laboratory management web application. Now other NanoFabs and laboratories across the nation can reap the same benefits. The NanoFab Equipment Management & Operations (NEMO) web application will be released as open source and free software on January 8th, 2018.

Users can customize NEMO for their own laboratory, enabling any customer with a desktop or mobile device to reserve tools, view the operating status of instruments, and seek assistance from laboratory staff.

NEMO is hosted at The web application is written in the Python programming language and uses the Django web framework. It is system independent (can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac) and does not require special hardware to operate.

The CNST hopes to foster a developer community to collaborate on new features and improvements to NEMO. Source code contributions are welcome via GitHub pull requests. The CNST will compile and evaluate these suggestions, modifying NEMO as needed.

“We hope the nanofabrication community will be excited about the release of this software, and we look forward to sharing it,” says CNST’s software engineer Dylan Klomparens, who developed NEMO.

Screenshot of NEMO application home page
Screenshot of landing page for NEMO web application 
Credit: NIST

Screenshot of NEMO web application Accounts and Projects page
Screenshot of NEMO web application Accounts and Projects page
Credit: NIST
Released January 8, 2018, Updated October 17, 2018